Like what you see at You can be sure people who visit your website will like it too! And you can benefit from bringing recroom game fanatics together by earning a percentage of sales when you link to, Inc. from your website.

It's very simple. Fill out our Team Recrooms application. Upon approval, we will provide you with everything you need to place, Inc. logos, text links and images on your website.


We have the ability to allow you to link to specific products or section pages on our website. This will allow your customers to focus on the information that is most relevant to them, increasing the potential for successful sales and commissions to you. For example, if your site involves delivering foosball content, you may want to have a link to our foosball section. Or if you have a Church website, you may want to promote family fun to your congregation or organization.

Games like foosball, billiards, air hockey, and darts are increasing in popularity as families, churches, youth organizations and businesses look for ways to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Once you are participating in Team RecRooms, you will receive e-mail notifications of special promotions and seasonal changes at which you can use to promote sales on your website. participates in the Yahoo! Store Tracking System, which is a third-party provider of affiliate program data. When you link to us through Team RecRooms, we'll provide a URL to your own tracking report, so you can follow the success of your links. You will be given all statistics regarding hits, sales and commissions from your links as Yahoo! Store records them.

Accumulate credit toward the purchase of products for yourself or your organization. 5% of each sale generated from links on your website will be put into your account. We will supply you with a link to check your commissions. You can use those accumulated dollars at any time toward the purchase of a product off of our website by using a special shopping link located on your commissions page. This is a great way to promote us and be able to earn dollars that are redeemable for product.

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