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Carrom Signature Burr Oak Foosball Table

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Product # 100-601

The Carrom Burr Oak Signature Foosball Table features a rugged one inch thick cabinet, built to withstand rough shots and hard passes, and the octagonal hardwood Foosball handles help you ease in those moves that require more precision and touch. This versatile foosball table even gives you the options of one goalie or three and tournament Foosball men or hand painted men, so you can have any kind of foosball experience you want.

A foosball table fit for any room. the Carrom Signature foosball table combines quality with functionality. The Signature Foosball cabinet features a 1-inch-thick Burr Oak finish, which adds a decorative touch to any rec room decor. The game table also includes a colorful 0.375-inch playing surface with enamel screen-printed graphics designed to resist wear over time. And thanks to the heavy miter-fold black vinyl legs--which include triple-chrome-plated Foosball leg levelers--the table levels easily and accurately. The Signature table supports one- or three Foosball goalie play with corner ramps to keep the Foosball ball from drifting into the corners during one-goalie mode. Carrom also tweaked the setup by creating two separate sets of players--one counter-balanced with a wider tournament-style foot pattern and the other hand painted. Foosball Players will love the 5/8-inch-diameter, chrome-plated hollow steel Foosball rods and eight-sided hardwood handles, which allow for precise player control with every pass and Table Soccer shot.

All in all Foosball table that balances high quality features with a handsome design! The Signature Foosball Table is jam packed with all the top features and will look great in your home game room.


  • Cabinet is 1" Thick Covered in Burr Oak Melamine Finish
  • Heavy 2" Triple Chrome-Plated Leg Supports
  • Playsurface is 3/8" Thick with Screenprinted Graphics Enamel Coated for Wear Resistance
  • Cross Supports Underneath Playsurface Ensures Flatness
  • Two Sets of Players - One Set of Counter-Balanced Players with Wider Tournament Style Foot Pattern and One Set of Handpainted Players
  • One or Three Goalie Play - You Decide During Game Set Up
  • Wood Beaded Scoring in Blond and Black, Same as Commercial Games
  • Ball Return is High Impact Plastic
  • Corner Ramps are Included for Single Goalie Assembly
  • Legs are Heavy Miterfold Black Vinyl with Triple Chrome-Plated Leg Levelers for Easy and Accurate Leveling
  • Eight-Sided Hardwood Handles Allow for Precise Player Control
  • Rods are 5/8" Diameter Triple Chrome-Plated Hollow Steel
  • New Rod Bearings Include a Single Row of 19 Balls Per Bearing for Durability and Performance
  • Bearings are Precision Molded for Durability
  • Game Dimensions: 55" Length, 29" Width, 50 5/16" Width with Longest Rod Protruding, 36" Height
  • Weight: Approximately 180 Pounds
  • Carton Dimensions: 56 1/2" x 31" x 16 3/4"

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