BiggieBoxes™ are simply heavy-duty cardboard ... technically speaking, commercial-grade fluted “corrugated.” The corrugated is die-cut into pieces that are designed to be locked together and make a form ... an 1800’s Victorian Mansion, in the example shown here. Wherever a fold is required to make the form, the corrugated is “scored” to make folding easier. That is, the folding line is stamped/compressed so it naturally folds.
Made of 200/275# flute-reinforced corrugated. Modeled-white outside liner, Kraft inner liner.
The pieces of corrugated are locked together with double “Locking Tabs” which have a rounded head and slip into mating slots. Once mated, they’ll stay locked together until it’s time to take them apart for storage. To ease in assembly, the leading edges of the locking taps are compressed (thickness reduced) so they’ll easily slide into their mating slots.
"Locking Tabs" stay locked together.

Graphics are designed to simulate the object in a fantasy sort of way. The corrugated is printed with the base graphics and colo
r is added to enhance their appearance — BiggieBoxes™ are printed using printed colors on the outer liner side. To further enhance their appearance, each BiggieBox model comes with Velcro®-attached objects ... birds, squirrels, flowers, plants, and various decor pieces.

BiggieBox™ models are shipped in their own shipping/storage container, again made of corrugated. To assemble, simply follow the instructions provided. You’ll note that the instructions picture the assembled model — you can readily assemble it just by looking at the picture since graphics on the individual pieces are so distinctive. Assembly time is less than 20 minutes, even the first time. They’re not at all hard to assemble. When it’s time to store them, simply disassemble and re-store in their container. Containers are large, but flat (under 5 inches) so they can

Easily slips inside a closet, under a bed, or even behind a door.

easily be slipped inside a closet, under a bed, or even behind a door. Or, for a great "stores anything" toy box, leave your BiggieBox assembled and simply move it aside (they're light and easy to move).

Do not allow BiggieBoxes™ to get wet.
Moisture is corrugated’s worst enemy. So, generally speaking, your BiggieBox™ should be kept inside. If you are going to set-up outside, make sure that you do so on a dry surface (like a wood deck or concrete driveway) and that you take your BiggieBox™ inside in inclement weather. Do not set up on lawns ... even if the grass seems dry. The grass itself contains moisture and can cause some degradation in the cardboard.

Easy to repair
The inevitable will occur — a window will get torn or a hole will get punched in a wall. Repairs can be accomplished quickly and easily with most any type of common glue (including hot glues) or tape. If you use tape (duct tape works well), try to accomplish repairs from the inside where they’ll be less noticeable.

Returns & Replacements
You can return your BiggieBox™ order for a refund of your original purchase price anytime within 14 days ... for any reason (or no reason at all). Your only responsibility is the cost of freight to and from our facility. If you purchased by check or money order, you will be issued a check (in the name of the original purchaser) and it will be mailed to your home. A credit is issued and forwarded to your credit card company if you purchased by credit card. Refunds are made within 3-5 business days from the receipt of the returned merchandise. To return your order, repackage your BiggieBox in the container it was shipped to you — enclose your name and address — and send it to:

RecRooms Direct™
333 Morton Street
Bay City, Michigan 48706

1-800-890-3010 ext. 223