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SuperCade Video Arcade Game

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Product # 160-030

SuperCade is a video arcade game specifically designed for use in a home gameroom for either one or two players.

Game Menu
The home arcade game menu sorts games by name, allowing the user to quickly navigate all 50 arcade video games.

Pre-Game Tutorials
After selecting an arcade video game, the user is provided a brief tutorial explaining which controls are used and how to play.

Authentic Arcade Controls
SuperCade utilizes real arcade JAMMA style controls, including one trackball, two joysticks and nine buttons. SuperCade is an unprecedented value for the home rec room enthusiast, featuring a full sized arcade cabinet, arcade controls and 19� VGA monitor.

Game Dimensions: 24"W x 30"D x 63"H; 240 lbs. Warranty Period - Six Months

50 legendary arcade games, including:

  • Alpine Ski(1982, Taito)
  • Anteater(1982, Stern)
  • Arkanoid(1986, Taito)
  • Arkanoid 2(1988, Taito)
  • Armored Car(1981, Stern)
  • Asteriods(1979, Atari)
  • Asteriods Deluxe(1980, Atari)
  • Atari Basketball(1979, Atari)
  • Battlezone(1980, Atari)
  • Berzerk(1980, Stern)
  • Black Widow(1982, Atari)
  • Calipso(1982, Stern)
  • Centipede(1980, Atari)
  • Chack �n Pop (1983, Taito)
  • Cloak and Dagger (1983, Atari)
  • Crystal Castles(1983, Atari)
  • Elevator Action(1983, Taito)
  • Food Fight(1983, Atari)
  • Frenzy(1982, Stern)
  • Gravitar(1982, Atari)
  • Jungle Hunt(1982, Taito)
  • Kram(1982, Taito)
  • Liberator(1982, Atari)
  • Lost Tomb(1983, Stern)
  • Lunar Lander(1979, Atari)
  • Lunar Rescue(1979, Taito)
  • Millipede(1982, Atari)
  • Minefield(1983, Stern)
  • Missle Command(1980, Atari)
  • Moon Patrol(1982, Irem)
  • Moon War(1981, Stern)
  • Pirate Pete(1982, Taito)
  • Plump Pop(1987, Taito)
  • Pong(1972, Atari)
  • Qix(1981, Taito)
  • Red Baron(1980, Atari)
  • Rescue(1982, Stern)
  • Skydiver(1978, Atari)
  • Space Duel(1982, Atari)
  • Space Invaders(1978, Taito)
  • Speed Coin(1984, Stern)
  • Super Breakout(1978,Atari)
  • Super Qix(1987, Taito)
  • Tazz Mania(1982, Stern)
  • Tempest(1980, Atari)
  • Tournament Arkanoid(1987, Taito)
  • Video Pinball(1978, Atari)
  • Warlords(1980, Atari)
  • Water Ski(1983, Taito)
  • Zoo Keeper(1982, Taito)

  • Arcade controls feature (1) trackball, (2) joysticks and (9) buttons
  • 1 or 2 Player
  • Tutorials on how to play each game provided once a game has been selected
  • Choose games to play by title